tranquility Oh, for a Tranquil Moment!

Who does not long for a moment of tranquility in today's world? We all need these stolen moments of quiet simplicity and reflection. They remind us that calm is still possible amidst the noise and outcry, the constant rush and bother of one thing or another, the dizzying pace of a world that buzzes messages to us so fast it's impossible to absorb them all.

Out for a Walk
The delicious glimmer of sunlight through arched trees informs this work, a celebration of... More...

We who have all the modern conveniences that our ancestors never dreamt of, find ourselves in the ironic position of craving a return to simpler days. Respite from the nervous din of urban sprawl and the toxic crush of traffic. To be able to listen and take a moment just for ourselves, away from the exhausting whirlwind of chores and errands, a moment to brush off the cobwebs of our scattered attention, to quiet the buzz of electronics that sizzle through our minds and bodies day and night, to hush the drone of TV news with its morbid fascination and demoralizing rant of tragedies near and far, many of them distortions of the truth. Let us be!

Oh, for a Tranquil Moment! Let these images return you to... yourself!

And so we hurriedly make ourselves a cup of tea and search out something resembling a cozy corner where we can remove the toys and dust and settle in for a blessed moment of... doing nothing but being there. A gentle place where we can focus. Or perhaps be granted a small revelation that can put our lives into greater perspective. Maybe all we need is just to breathe in and breathe out and relax a bit from the tensions that build like floodwaters in our very bones.

It is the gentle crispness of an early Autumn afternoon, when the light has a certain sparkle More...

Just a few more minutes, we beg behind closed doors, to soak our weary muscles in a bubble bath. Just a wee bit longer to feel the rich earth tumble through our fingertips as we bend over roses in a garden. But what if we don't have time for a bubble bath or we don't have a garden? What if a moment of quiet is rarer than any precious stone ever freed from rock? What then?

Here are scenes that will take you home... home to what matters!

That is what these images are for — with a glance or even a longer inspection, we can feel once again the wonder we felt as a child, we can return to the inner core of our being, emerging renewed and restored in our zest for living. Yes, we have jobs and families and friends and obligations and a constant need to feed, cloth and shelter ourselves. But where is the shelter of the soul? Where is the moment when we can reinforce what is most precious in our lives — love, nurturing, beauty, wisdom?

tranquility Each painting in The Tranquil Moment Series tells a story,

In that sense each is an internal landscape more than just a “scene” of nature or a superficial likeness. People have always fascinated the Artist. Here are timeless split seconds slowed down so we can observe all the light and shade and colors of the soul. Here are real people connecting with nature or connecting with themselves.

Find the painting or print that speaks most to you and let it transport you! When it graces that perfect spot in your home, it will gently remind you on a daily basis to take time for yourself. With just one glance it will restore you. And at last The Tranquil Moment will be yours.


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